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Parental involvement in child daycare and nurseries (Kita / Kiga)


On this webpage we would like to inform you how to get advice from other parents, if and when you need it, and also how to act as advocates for your kids’ needs. We look forward to your support and participation so that all of our children have an enjoyable and positive experience at their daycare and nursery.


Our name “Youth Welfare Office Parents’ Council” (JAEB)


By law, child care institutionsand child services bodies are organizations of the Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt). The Youth Welfare Office provides both administrative and financial support measures to our Parents Council. Thus, Youth Welfare Office has to be legally mentioned in the official name of Council. However, we are independent in what we do.


Where we come from: Parents Council – Parental involvement in daycare/nurseries


At the beginning of the school year a parents’ council (Elternbeirat) will be elected at the parents’ meeting at your child’s daycare/nursery. This will give you the opportunity to get involved and act as an advocate for the children at your day care facility. The parents’ council at your nursery will then elect a representative who may cast their vote in the election of the Youth Welfare Office Parents’ Council (JAEB) and may him/herself run for council also. (The registration of the vote with the Youth Welfare Office will be made by the management of your child’s daycare/nursery.)


Who we are: Youth Welfare Office Parents’ Council (JAEB) – Parental involvement in Düsseldorf


The elected parents are members of the Youth Welfare Office parents’ council (JAEB) for one school year. On a voluntary basis we represent the children’s and parents’ interests of over 350 nurseries in Düsseldorf. We work continuously with the Youth Welfare Office, local authority districts, parliamentary parties, and the supporting organizations of day care institutions.

We act as point of contact for parents/guardians, support the parents’ councils in the daycares/ nurseries and thus encourage trusting and cooperative relationships. Together with you we strive for fair and high quality early childhood education and care services in Düsseldorf. We welcome your suggestions, ideas, and participation.


Our focus areas:


  • Answering questions and providing support during challenging times at daycare/nurseries
  • Ensuring qualified and skilled nursery staff
  • Allocation criteria for open slots in daycare/nurseries via Kita-Navigator
  • Inclusion in day care facilities
  • Cleanliness and healthy nutrition
  • Integration of refugees
  • Transition from day care to elementary/primary school
  • Networking




More information and contact details of the JAEB Düsseldorf


Should you have suggestions or questions, please send an email to:



You will find more information about us and helpful links at


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